Donovan Dijak vs. Keith Lee (Evolve 84- May 20, 2017

lee dijak.jpg

These two had a pretty wild match over Wrestlemania weekend. Some people called it the best match of that weekend, and while I’m not sure I’d agree, it certainly was  a showstealer. I wish there was more of a pretext for this match taking place, but you can’t win them all.

Lee hits a series of moves that send Dijak flying about the ring. Dijak comes back by dropping Lee down on the side of the ring. Lee catching Dijak and then tossing him into that same side of the ring was pretty unbelievable. This felt similar to the Mania match with some new wrinkles. Lee even steals Dijak’s own Feast Your Eyes (featuring a rare miss on commentary from Lenny Leonard). Dijak comes back with a Spirit Bomb. Apparently, Lee gets his choice of a title match if he wins both his matches. Would have been nice if his record wasn’t .500 before this. Chokebomb by Dijak gets two. Moonsault misses. Lee hits a Destroyer and then a Spirit Bomb for two. That’s the way he won at 81, so Dijak was able to survive. Dijak tosses Lee from the top rope and then hits a reverse rana. Things extend outside and Dijak hits a somersault dive on a prone Lee. These men are insane. Dijak botches a bit but still hits the rana. Lee hits a reverse rana, and the atmosphere has has cooled off quite a bit. Lee ascends to the top rope with Dijak and hits a Super Spirit Bomb to finally get the win.

This was a pretty wild match. Guys this period just should not be able to do these types of moves consistently like this.  The effort is much appreciated, but it felt like they lost a lot of steam by the end and probably could have cut a good five minutes from this one.

Winner (s)/Rating: Keith Lee/***1/2

I guess some people didn’t like the venue Evolve was running. I personally saw no problem and think those people are being too nitpicky. And this is coming from the king of nitpicks.

Also, the “too sweet” chant after a nearfall is incredibly goddamn annoying. Wrestling fans, stop it.


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