Fred Yehi vs. Keith Lee (Evolve 85- May 21, 2017)

lee yehi

Lee gets a title shot of his choosing if he wins his second match of the weekend while Yehi takes a big step himself toward a title match and further entrenching post Catch Point success. Yehi has trouble executing some his unique offense against such a big man. Yehi has to duck and dodge some heavy shots from Lee in the first couple minutes. Yehi tries a series of chops. Lee grabs his arm…and the FloSlam sign falls off the wall. Lenny Leonard doesn’t even reference it, but that falling sign would seem to be symbolic of the company overall (FloSlam not Evolve). You can see Lee’s confidence grow with every match. His personality and charisma shine through, and anyone who would look at he and Shane Taylor and think the ladder is the television star…that person should not be booking a national promotion anymore. Yehi counters a leapfrog with a powerbomb. Series of strikes but the German suplex probably wasn’t good idea. He finally stomps the foot and goes back to the strikes. Lee comes back with a flurry and pounces Yehi. Lee hits a powerslam and calls for a moonsault. Yehi kicks his legs and uses the momentum to hit a German suplex. Yehi’s frustration after not getting three was some nice selling. Series of headbutts but Lee just looks annoyed. Lee hits the jackhammer and gets the win.

These are two of my favorite guys to watch because they don’t’ usually fall into the usual indie clichés. They present different kinds of offense and both possess actual personalities and charisma. Yehi’s is not not as obvious, but his quirkiness serves him well.  This was a strong performance by both men.

Winner (s)/Rating: Keith Lee/***1/2


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