Jason Kincaid vs. Fred Yehi (Evolve 84- May 20, 2017)

kincaid yehi.jpg

Yehi was beaten down by the other Catch Point members after leaving the group on the last double shot. Kincaid is returning after an injury. The idea is Yehi is now wrestling his first match on his own without the support of anyone.

Yehi focuses on Kincaid’s knee. These are two of the more unique movesets in wrestling right now, and the feeling of this contest was just different than almost anything else. Yehi is a guy who has shown himself off to be well versed with his feet while Kincaid exhibits wildness. I enjoyed this as a showcase for both men. Injuries obviously derail anyone but especially a guy like Kincaid who’s still only establishing himself. Kincaid decides to focus on Yehi’s leg as well. He also breaks out a slingshot FALCON ARROW! HE DID THE DEAL! Yehi hits a cutter on a diving Kincaid followed by a Koji Clutch to get the submission victory.

I loved how different this was compared to the opener and how Kincaid came off much more like a wrestler than just a weird guy who does movez.

Winner (s)/Rating: Fred Yehi/***1/4



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