Jeff Cobb vs. Tracy Williams (w/ Stokely Hathway) (Evolve Tag Team Champion) (Evolve 84- May 20, 2017)

williams cobss

Naturally, this is more of a mat based match. Things become rather strike heavy early on. Cobb appears to botch something, but it’s really just Williams transitioning into an armbar. This match features some heavy strikes out of both men. Like all Jeff Cobb matches, this seemed to be missing something. Williams is wrestling with more of an edge now that Hathaway is at ringside, but Cobb still doesn’t seem to be living up to this potential. Cobb actually breaks out a flurry of strikes while showing some fire. He needs to show more of that for a sustained period of time. Williams turns the powerslam into a small package and gets a three count. Williams outsmarted his bigger and stronger opponent. Not a bad finish in this context. Solid but instantly forgettable.

Winner (s)/Rating: Tracy Williams/**3/4

Lenny Leonard mentioned Hathaway stealing 20% of the wrestlers’ paychecks. Where’s the proof? When has he ever done anything wrong? He doesn’t interfere. His men experience a lot of success. Please show me how Stokely Hathaway has behaved like anything but an upstanding manager.



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