Lio Rush vs. Austin Theory (Evolve 84- May 20, 2017)

theory rush.jpg

Rush is 22 and Theory is 19. Meanwhile, I’m here in China reviewing dumb wrestling matches. If it wasn’t for the whole world traveler thing, I’d feel like a real dumb dumb.

These two certainly have all the physical tools you could ask for, but Theory especially needs to establish a character and personality for himself beyond being a guy who does cool stuff. Rush has a character in CZW, and I’d like to see that come into play here. Something that is amazing from Theory is how’s able to plant Rush on the mat and then left him for a vertical suplex seamlessly. The simplicity with which both guys are able to do things almost hurts their cause sometimes because it feels like they’re not trying. Rush rightfully controls much of the match since he has an Evolve title match the next night. I like that this match was different from the first two matches as well. Theory takes once chance too many and gets hit with Rush Hour. Frog splash gets three.

Winner (s)/Rating: Lio Rush/***


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