Alex Daniels vs. Dominic Garrini (Evolve 85- May 21, 2017)

ben afflec

This is like an AIW school showcase match, but both men were actually a part of the seminar that took place earlier in the day . Garrini would seem to fit in with the Evolve style and specifically Catch Point quite well given his style. Daniels is even doing his goofy Ben Affleck gimmick. Unfortunately, Derek St. Holmes isn’t around to bury it.

Lenny Leonard emphasizes Daniels’s credentials in being trained by and then actually defeating Johnny Gargano. Unfortunately, I don’t see this gimmick lending itself to Evolve.  This is definitely a case of athleticism matching up with a ground and pound style. Garrini is a very oddly shaped human being, and I have to believe this will benefit him. Garrini wins after a series of elbow strikes to the head. That’s the right call. Not as hot of a start to the show as the previous one but both guys came off well in the time given.

Winner (s)/Rating: Dominic Garrini/*1/2


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