Donovan Dijak vs. Ethan Page (Evolve 85- May 21, 2017)

dijak page.jpg

(Hello Ethan again.)

The best part about this match is them taking the time to stop and do some Twitter vanity searching of themselves. I’m a total hypocrite for enhoying it, but I don’t care. I enjoyed it. It was funny, and I laughed. Sometimes I have a sense of humor, and this was an interesting meta commentary on their real life personalities. At least this was somewhat original and not say… a dance-off. Page apparently will get control of FloSlam for an evening if he wins. Maybe he can upload the entire back catalog of WWN shows on the night he’s in charge. Page controls as the match settles back down into a traditional wrestling contest. He focuses on Dijak’s back. Solid back and forth to end things as Page hits the Spinning Dwayne to counter Feast Your Eyes to pick up the win after focusing on the back throughout.

Dijak has lost his first four matches in Evolve, and I’m not quite sure what direction he’s headed in. Perhaps it’s to WWE land soon, but if not, I’m curious to see why he’s gone under every time.

Winner (s)/Rating: Ethan Page/**3/4


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