WWN Title Match Matt Riddle (c) vs. Jeff Cobb (Evolve 85- May 21, 2017)

wwn championship.jpg

Cobb coming off a loss the previous night does not exactly make this a strong title defense for Riddle. Even though Cobb has had some level of success, it doesn’t feel like he’s a great deal of momentum behind him based on his performances. These two have teamed up quite a bit in PWG, and they sort of have a similar style of working. Cobb beat Riddle in his Evolve debut. I can see why this wasn’t the main event because this was remarkably short and basically a sprint. Cobb used his power, and Riddle had to come from behind with his various submission holds and strikes. Riddle hits the fishermen suplex about four minutes in and both men are down.  Cobb goes for Tour of the Islands, but Riddle comes back with a Destroyer. Jumping tombstone piledriver for one. Bromission. Cobb taps. I appreciate that they changed the formula and went with something quick but still intense. This was compact but still felt like I got my money’s worth.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL WWN Champion-Matt Riddle/***


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