The Episode: The Simpsons- Krusty Gets Kancelled


I really didn’t need to watch this particular episode again, but I wanted to find some detail that a show like this could possibly feature. The Simpsons has been discussed so much. Books have been written. Documentaries have been made. The show has gone on so long that you can now say only about a third of the seasons have actually been good.

But when The Simpsons  was good? No other could approach it. It was funny, satirical, and told an incredible tales about a town called Springfield. Perhaps the most underrated joke from “Krusty Gets Kancelled is when Rainer Wolfcastle talks about his upcoming film. Kent Brockman laughs at the promise, and in pure deadpan, Harry Shearer as Wolfcastle says the film is not a comedy. The combination of writing and performance cannot be understated. This show serves as a master of the best writing in the world.

On the surface, the premise of the episode is simple. Gabbo is a doll that has a show airing opposite the show’s resident entertainer, Krusty the Clown. Quickly, Gabbo’s show destroys Krusty in the ratings, and Krusty gets cancelled. Bart Simpson is so frustrated that his favorite television personality no longer has his own, he decides to help Krusty make a comeback. In 2017, Krusty might not even cancelled. He’d either get a streaming platform or would get the chance to do another kind of show. In 1993, once hit shows did actually get cancelled no matter how famous the act was.

Before celebrity appearances on the show became a cliché and an excuse for the show to how popular it is, Johnny Carson could come on and grab a car with one arm, Bette Midler could show off her pro-recycling, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers could satirize the idea of being rock musicians. This episode represents the show at its best. Genuine humor. A hint of sincerity. A 20 minute episode that felt like an event because of all the celebrity. Of course, there’s also an obscure Ray J Johnson joke (that gets called back later in the episode).

As I stated earlier, The Simpsons could sustain me for years, but this is one of the episodes I return to most when rewatching specific episodes. It’s easy to watch and I laugh every time, even on the 50th rewatch. You can see why a show like is regarded as one of the greatest ever even if episodes after season 10 aren’t that great.


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