LDRS (Zack Sabre, Jr. [PWG World Champion] & Marty Scurll) vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent?) (PWG Nice Boys [Don’t Play Rock ‘n’ Roll]- March 18, 2017)

sabre and scurll vs. taylor and trent.jpg

Scurll and Sabre attacked Taylor at the end of the last show, and Trent made the save, thus reuniting the Best Friends. Sabre and Scurll as the Leaders of the New School are also reunited. Some heavy stakes in this match.

Trent and Taylor go for piledrivers early, but LDRS exit. Scurll is super fired up and going with a more serious heel behavior as opposed to his goofier tendencies. Pretty extended brawl on the outside of the ring. Best Friends maintain the control as this turns into a traditional tag match. Sabre saves his partner from being suplexed, and they quickly clear the ring. Heat segment on Trent. PWG fans actually bit on the fake tag spot. Scurll and Sabre are doing a hell of a job.  Trent has to kick out of a dropkick/Michinoku Driver combination. Scurll uses a chair to wear Taylor out. Trent hits a Crunchie on Sabre out of nowhere. Taylor hot tag and it’s a violence party on both LDRS. Scurll tosses a chair into Taylor’s face. Trent dives on him.  Scurll and Sabre take advantage of the hugging Best Friends and apply duel submission moves. Taylor survives a serious Penalty Kicks and laughs in Sabre’s face. Best Friends hit the double piledriver. Scurll finally cracks Taylor’s fingers. He tries again, but Taylor hits a Soul Food. They go to the outside and brawl to the back. Trent and Zack are alone. Trent actually pins Sabre after hitting a cradle piledriver. Very good finish to an excellent match.

Probably one of my favorite PWG matches in quite some time. This had some juice behind it. The crowd really did want one team to lose and one team to win. Sabre and Scurll played their heel roles to perfection. Taylor was in serious mode and Trent is the unheralded hero of the match for taking the kinds of bumps he was taking. In addition, Trent established himself as the next title contender by getting the win over Sabre straight up.  Taylor will also want some revenge on Scurll for what happened in February.  This was a well wrestled match that had a clear purpose to it and built off from previous matches and also built up some things to come in the future.

Winner (s)/Rating: Chuck Taylor and Trent/****1/4


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