Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson – Champions) vs. Ricochet & Matt Sydal vs. REY FENIX & PENTA EL ZERO M (PWG Nice Boys [Don’t Play Rock ‘n’ Roll]- March 18, 2017)

tag title match.jpg

Have fun following LDRS versus Best Friends gents. Athletically, there’s no doubt these guys are capable, but I’m not sure they can capture the same emotion. This is basically a 20 minute spotfest. If nothing else, this was a spectacle, and the crowd loved it. Bucks start the superkick party by taking out Ricochet and Sydal. The Bucks and Lucha Brothers spend a good three minutes yelling at each other. Sydal and Ricochet come out dressed as both the Bucks and Lucha Brothers. I can’t keep track of who’s who. Each team gets to take turns controlling the match. There are of course a series of moves on the apron. Sydal hits a shooting star press into a Meltzer driver. That’s amazing. Double dives on the Bucks but they’re met with knees. Penta and Fenix start a superkick party. Lucha Brothers isolate both Ricochet and Sydal at various times. Package piledriver into the Destroyer and Penta pins Ricochet. The Bucks lost their belts without being pinned. This would naturally set up a match between the teams minus Ricochet and Sydal.

This match was interesting to watch just because of all the chaos, but I think having just the two teams would have been much better and easier to follow. I’m pretty much done with the Bucks schtick, and it certainly hurt this match at times. The finish seemingly came out of nowhere, and the fans were almost in disbelief after the three count. Three way matches are very hard to pull off, and you saw two prime examples on this night.

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW PWG Tag Team Champions-Lucha Brothers/***


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