Shane Strickland vs. Dezmond Xavier (PWG Nice Boys [Don’t Play Rock ‘n’ Roll]- March 18, 2017)

strickland xavier.jpg

Another PWG debut, in this case a double debut, as Xavier has been making waves across the country while Strickland has been having a break-out in 2017. I have to believe the Sami Callihan connection (he was his trainer after all) made all the difference in the world. These two show off their athleticism for the fans because they know the deal. Neither guy is able to get an advantage early. Strickland is the one to slow things down as he gets control. Things get crazy as Strickland lands on his feet on a reverse rana attempt. That didn’t work out well both in the kayfabe sense or the shoot sense. Xavier breaks out some crazy moves, including a Crouching Dezmond, Hidden Dragon Rana. Looks exactly how it reads. DVD on the apron followed by a double stomp. Huge driver to the head on Xavier gets Strickland the win.

When it comes to telling and psychology, this definitely wasn’t that kind of match. This was about two guys trying to impress the live PWG audience. This may have gone too long but will probably lead to both guys coming back and hopefully being able to have better, more focused matches. I totally get why this match turned out the way it did, but it certainly worked for the crowd.

Winner (s)/Rating: Shane Strickland/**3/4


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