The Wonder of the Alamo Drafthouse



Recently, there’s been some controversy about a New York City theater’s decision to hold a screening for Wonder Woman. This screening will not only raise money for charity but proved popular that more screenings have been added.

As someone who is going to see this film in a Chinese film theater on the same as millions of America, I don’t really have a dog in the fight. However, if I were a woman, it would be amazing and empowering to see be in a roomful of women and see what will hopefully be the best female superhero film of all-time. Let’s face. Some previous efforts have been terrible. Supergirl. Elektra. Aeon Flux. I’m probably missing a few.

The Alamo Drafthouse is one of the more forward thinking cinemas in the U.S. They actually care about the industry as an artform beyond just putting up the latest blockbuster on the screen. Any man who complains about what the Drafthouse is doing should look at the numerous organizations that clear rules banning women from joining. Also, think about the current political climate and understand that it’s a roomful of men who are making choices about women’s healthcare.

The political party that complains about millenial snowflakes certainly has thrown an enormous fit about a handful of film screenings. The good news for these snowflakes is there are millions of other screenings, including many in China. I’d love for these folks who complain about political correctness and too much government control to come to China and understand they couldn’t access the very websites they use to troll and abuse women online without a VPN, that just by posting this blog right now, I’m technically breaking Chinese laws.

I toast the Alamo Drafthouse for what they’re doing. I toast all the people who will be checking out these screenings. Most importantly, I hope the film is actually good.


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