Trevor Lee vs. Lio Rush (PWG Nice Boys [Don’t Play Rock ‘n’ Roll]- March 18, 2017)

lee rush.jpg

Lee is embracing his inner heel in almost every promotion now. Now if only he would drop the stupid TNA schtick. Lee attacks Rush from behind before the bell rings. Although Lee can wrestle multiple styles, he mostly embraces being a base for Rush’s high speed offense and countering with more power moves. The way Rush takes Lee’s moves only adds to the impact, particularly the mushroom stomp which looked monstrous. Lee distracts Rick Knox long enough to kick Rush in the groin. Rush comes back with a reverse rana and a huge kick. Frog splash met with knees. Rush wins with a small package.

This turned into one of the more interesting PWG shows I’ve seen in a while because there were at least three matches which clearly had clear heel/babyface dynamics. Makes for a better show and also becomes more about guys having competitive matches instead of exhibitions of move trading and dance-offs. I really didn’t like the last minute of the match as it ran counter to the story they had been telling. Rush essentially no sold a low blow and then the knees of Lee.  Really strange finish to what had been one of the more enjoyable PWG matches of the year or so.

Winner (s)/Rating: Lio Rush/***1/4


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