Hiroshi Tanahashi and Jay Lethal vs. War Machine (Raymond Rowe and Hanson)(ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds Dearborn- May 15, 2017)

tanahashi and lethal vs. war machine.jpg

Young is on commentary after his big victory because of his feud with Lethal.  Lethal Injection on Hanson followed by a Tanahashi slingblade gets an almost three count on Hanson. Tanahashi and Lethal maintain control and turn out to be quite a good team. Lethal gets caught and slammed by Rowe. Heat segment on Lethal then. Some pretty good teases of a hot tag. Lethal hits a Lethal Combination on Rowe and the tag is made. Tanahashi wrestles the next couple minutes by himself as Lethal recovers. Lethal gets involved once again and they try double teaming Hanson. He responds by clotheslining them. Hanson tries a broncobuster but Tanahashi holds his foot up and kicks him in the groin area. Rowe holds Lethal, but Hanson dives on his partner. Lethal connects. Tanahashi hits the High Fly Flo to the outside. Elbow drop. Tanahashi hits the High Fly Flo. Rowe saves his partner. Chaos ensues. Pop-up powerslam by Hanson and Rowe covers for three.

Given the status of this match, the winning team was actually in doubt. Tanahashi could certainly have pinned Rowe or Hanson and Lethal could easily have lost to either member of War Machine. This was a good formula tag team match with the right team winning.

Winner (s)/Rating: War Machine/***


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