Punishment Martinez vs. Tatsuya Naito (ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds Dearborn- May 15, 2017)


naito martinez.jpg

Naito flips Martinez off. This a rematch from the ROH shows in Japan and one of the better matches from that set of shows. Martinez connects on a bucklebomb to end the shenanigans and general tranquillo attitude of the IWGP Intercontinental champion. Psycho Driver gets a long two count. Naito gets on the offense a but and goes for the Tranquillo. Martinez actually counters into a falcon arrow. HE DID THE DEAL! Naito locks in a kneebar. Destino finally connects. Martinez kicks out! Martinex flips him off, so Naito hits a second Destino for the win.

The Dearborn crowd never got into this match because they didn’t buy Martinez as actually winning, not to mention they didn’t get behind him even though I think he was kind of supposed to be a face. This was frustrating because Naito gave him a lot and this could have been an interesting match, but ROH fans have been trained to think NJPW is the superior brand to the point where in a heel versus heel match, they’re going to cheer the New Japan star.

Winner (s)/Rating: Tatsuya Naito/***1/2


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