ROH World Championship: Christopher Daniels (champion) vs. Matt Taven (ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds Dearborn- May 15, 2017)

taven daniels.jpg

Matt Taven is trying to become the first ever grand slam champion of all time in Ring of Honor as he’s held the other three active championships. I respect Taven for coming back from a career threatening knee injury, but there’s no possible way I can look at Taven as anything but one of the more mediocre ROH mainstays ever. Daniels’s title reign is off to a rough start as is, and this match was almost painful to watch. Taven works over the champion’s back in the most clinical and unemotional fashion before Daniels has his nose broken. Then Taven sort of works that over. Taven, who has an obvious knee injury, does his top rope stuff anyway. Vinny Marseglia sets up a table and then distracts Todd Sinclair on the same side as the table. WTF? Marseglia shoves Daniels to block a suplex. Taven enizguris Daniels through a table and three chant “Holy Shit.” Matt Taven gets a two count. Frog splash met with knees. Marseglia tries interfering. Kazarian crotches him. Where was he five minutes ago? Uranagi and the BME. Done

Holy shit did no one care about this match. This title reign has not been impressive.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL ROH World Champion- Christopher Daniels/**


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