Anthony Henry vs. Teddy Stigma (FIP Accelerate- May 26, 2017)

henry stigma.jpg


Apparently, there are no rules in FIP anymore and the announcers can use naughty language. Before the match, Henry talks about being able to close the WWN weekend and then calls out Stigma for taking the bounty and attacking him. The f-word count has already shot up big time. Henry connects on a dropkick and tope con helo almost immediately. Stigma uses Amber to get the advantage for himself. Henry still controls much of the match and also has the crowd behind him. Stigma hits a nice exploder to the corner for two. Stigma goes for a barb wire bat but Amber distracts. Henry hits a German suplex for two. Stigma finally connects on a pair of barb wire bat shots. Omega driver into chairs for two. Stigma builds a stack of six chairs and carries Henry to the top rope. Henry elbows out and hits a FUCKING VERTEBREAKER THROUGH THE CHAIRS! That had better have gotten three.

This is what’s known as a show blowing their load in the opener. This was almost ridiculous, and I would have preferred this later on in the show. This was absolutely insane but still kind of worked as a grudde match.

Winner (s)/Rating: Anthony Henry/***


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