AR Fox vs. Jason Kincaid (FIP Accelerate- May 26, 2017)

kincaid fox.jpg

Not sure why Gabe just doesn’t bite the bullet and bring Fox back into the fold given his students are being booked. This is match that absolutely should be on an Evolve show and not relegated to FIP, who let’s face it, nobody is watching.

Fox is in total heel mode. This is a really fun match with two guys who are incredibly athletic and provided a fresh match-up for each other. Kincaid has been developing a more all round game in Evolve, but this is more of what you might expect from him. Kincaid’s gear also looked more professional than what he wore at Evolve a week earlier. Kincaid leaps off the stage but is caught with a yakuza kick to the face. Fox jumps off the stage and hits a leg drop. Kincaid breaks out some incredibly innovative offense, offense he really needs to incorporate into Evolve as well. Fox goes into his finishing sequence and tries for the Lo Main Pain. Kincaid hits a reverse facebuster for two. Gamanguri and a 450 again gets a nearfall for Fox. Kincaid hits a springboard cutter. Double stomp LANDS on Fox, but he kicks out. Kincaid applies a choke. Fox connects on a yakuza kick but Kincaid follows in with an elbow. Fox hits Lo Main Pain and the brainbuster out of nowhere and gets three in an excellent back and forth match. Definitely can see a rematch happening down the road with Kincaid finally overcoming Fox for the win.

Winner (s)/Rating: AR Fox/***3/4


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