FIP Florida Heritage Championship: Jon Davis (c) vs. Caleb Konley (FIP Accelerate- May 26, 2017)

davis konley.jpg

Funny to think both guys were in prominent positions in both Dragon Gate and Evolve. Now they’re wrestling for a C level title in the semi main event position of an FIP show. MSL tries to make the case that the Heritage title means more than ever given the status of Florida in pro wrestling these days. Well, he’s trying to do his job as an announcer at least.

Konley controls much of the match with his solid and well executed but ultimately uninteresting offense. This is very different from Davis’s incredibly intense title victory over Martin Stone during Wrestlemania weekend. Davis comes back with the over the top suplex. Apparently, there are no disqualifications, but there are count-outs? That directly contradicts what was said earlier. Some consistency would help in this situation. Konley almost drops Davis on his head during the DVD attempt. Konley brings Davis to the top rope. Powerbomb into a German suplex. Konley goes low after ducking a lariat. Back suplex with a bridge for two. Konley blocks the lariat again with a kick. Palm strike. Davis hits Three Second Around the World. Konley kicks out, so Davis applies the half crab. Tap-out and Davis retains. Pretty watchable and decent match mostly because of Davis.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL FIP Florida Heritage Champion- Jon Davis/**3/4


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