FIP World Heavyweight Championship: Fred Yehi (c) vs. Ethan Case (FIP Accelerate- May 26, 2017)


Fred Yehi comes out right after the opener and says the F stands for F instead of full (better than the word fuck which has been used a million times already). Martin Stone couldn’t make it to the show, so Yehi has an open contract. Ethan Case comes out and admits he’s a newbie to FIP, but he wants a title shot regardless (hey, he promoted his Twitter handle so he’s that smart). Crowd is a bit cool on this challenge. Yehi accepts the title match for the main event.

No offense to Mr. Case but it was going to be a tough proposition to try and top whatever Martin Stone and Fred Yehi were going to do. Apparently, this is not the main event, which is pretty bizarre. Case avoids the stomps early. I almost like that every opponent of Yehi’s avoids those now…at least in the opening minutes of the contest. Case hits a pop-up forearm after finally taking some of those infamous Yehi stomps. Yehi comes back with quite the explosion of offense. Case gets a couple nice moments to shine, but he had an uphill battle. You could argue Case’s stock rose no matter what, but this didn’t feel like a heated championship bout save a couple moments. Quite the flurry as they exchange big moves. Yehi finally gets the flatliner into the Koji Clutch for the win. Solid title defense.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL FIP World Champion-Fred Yehi/***1/4


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