Bracket A Semifinal: Jason Cade vs. Socorro (Style Battle 4- May 27, 2017)


cade soccoro.jpg

The very definition of having to create content versus legitimately having solid stroylines is best exemplified by the exploitation of the style as this is the fourth of eight of these. The winner gets…something? And then the ultimate winner gets…something? The highlight of these shows is it looks like they were filmed at a Between the Ferns taping.

Things start quickly with both guys actually using their speed. Socorro slows things down a bit, and he’s definitely a guy who benefits from a showcase like this (if people are even watching these tournaments). Cade has a lot of skill, but he definitely needs to emphasize his moveset and not rush things so much. I avoid using the phrase “slow down” because of the implication, but you can still be a crazy athlete and still allow fans to process the information. One thing these guys definitely did was work hard. Socorro is able to toss Cade hard off the top rope but only gets a two count. Five Borough frog splash gets Cade the victory. A perfectly average start to the show.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jason Cade/**1/2


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