Bracket A Semifinal: Odinson vs. Fred Yehi (FIP Heavyweight Champion) (Style Battle 4- May 27, 2017)

odinson yehi

I saw Odinson at the SCI last year and wasn’t exactly blown away. Methinks Odinson is in big trouble. Yehi is replacing an under the weather Austin Theory. That’s a hint as to who was supposed to go pretty far in this tournament. If it was one match, no way would Theory have been removed.

They start things off hot and heavy with strikes. Yehi is able to outquick but also have a violence party in the corner. Odinson goes for the F-10 (it’s a spinning F-5), but Yehi continues to get out of it. Odinson hits an overhead throw off the top rope. Odinson comes off the middle rope with a European uppercut. Odinson manages a half nelson suplex. Odinson goes for the F-10, but Yehi turns that into a koji clutch and gets the submission win

Yehi is one of the most consistent and watchable  wrestlers in the sport right now. This was another example as he came off as the smarter and better wrestler.

Winner (s)/Rating: Fred Yehi/**3/4


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