Bracket B Semifinal: James Drake vs. Ethan Case (Style Battle 4- May 27, 2017)

case drake.jpg

This serves as a hoss division battle. Drake was Case’s first ever professional wrestling match. This was the most traditional of the four opening round matches. Given their respective backgrounds wrestling in the south, this should not be a surprise. Drake counters an acecrusher and hits a senton. Drake then pulls a running shooting star press out of his ass. That was something. Case hits a headscissors. Drake catches Case with a pop-up forearm, and he’s happy to camp out in the ring and get a count-out. Case reenters the ring at nine. Sick kick for two. Pace picks up. Case hits as pop-up forearm for two himself. Case hits an iconoclasm for two as well. Drake explodes Case into the corner. To the top rope. Moonsault (!!!!) gets two. Springboard cutter and a knee strike connect. Drake just drops Case with an Island Driver. Wow.

Very well worked match as Drake can move. He serves as a perfect veteran for FIP and the Style Battle to use. He definitely wouldn’t fit in with Evolve, but he’s certainly someone that can help the younger members of the WWN Universe improve their skillset. This turned into a tremendous match with these guys breaking out all kinds of different offense. That was fun and unexpected.

Winner (s)/Rating: James Drake/***1/4


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