Bracket B Semifinal: Jason Kincaid vs. Sean Maluta (Style Battle 4- May 27, 2017)

kincaid maluta.jpg

Kincaid had a tremendous match with Fox at FIP the previous night. Lots of energy exhibited by both men. Maluta wrestled Kota Ibushi in the first CWC while Kincaid was in the ROH Top Prospect Tournament. These guys have a combined 24 years in pro wrestling. That’s amazing to think about. Lots of roll-ups early. Kincaid breaks out some offense, but Maluta cuts him off with his power. Kincaid does meditating to prevent from being kicked in the face. That’s different. Maluta somehow gets caught up in the ropes. No idea what the hell happened there. At least he’s okay. Flurry from Kincaid. Things get sloppy toward the end as Maluta doesn’t really look comfortable after what happened in the ropes. Gordbuster and shining wizard. Kincaid finds his way to the ropes again. Maluta hits a frog splash for two. Kincaid drapes Maluta’s neck across the middle rope and hits a double stomp for three.

This was a more polished back and forth match than the previous two. Some good energy and interesting looking offense. Kincaid continues to showcase himself well in the WWN Universe. Although things seemed to get sloppy for a bit, this was still the best match of the first round.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jason Kincaid/***


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