Style Battle 4 Final: Fred Yehi (FIP World Champion) vs. Jason Kincaid (Style Battle 4- May 27, 2017)

style battle.jpg

This is a rematch from Evolve 72 and Evolve 84, and Yehi was able to win both of those matches.

Kincaid focuses on the elbow early on. Definitely a more cerebral match than both semifinals. They focus on trading holds, and Kincaid wrestles him pretty evenly. Pace picks up as Kincaid hits a springboard armdrag and running double stomp. Kincaid turns his attention to Yehi’s neck with an applies headscissors. Yehi hits a trio of German suplexes, but Kincaid is able to kick out. Kincaid goes for a springboard cutter. Yehi counters and explodes Kincaid into the corner. Sitdown powerbomb for two. Yehi calls for Kincaid to get up and slaps him until he does so. Compassionate Release applied but Yehi escapes and hits a back drop. Another double stomp by Kincaid. Yehi places Kincaid on the top rope. Kincaid hits a tornado DDT. Release suplex by Yehi. Slingshot falcon arrow. HE DID THE DEAL! Kincaid hits a Philosopher’s Stomp to get three.

What they sacrificed in urgency, they made up for with execution. While I’m not sure what a tournament victory like this will do for him, this actually turned out to be an excellent weekend for a man who’s stock is certainly rising. With a full recovery from his injuries, he was able to put in excellent matches with Fox and now Yehi.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jason Kincaid/***1/2


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