2017 16 Carat Tournament First Round: Donovan Dijak vs. Matt Riddle (wXw- 2017 16 Carat Tournament Night One- March 10, 2017)

dijak riddle

Dijak and Riddle have had some excellent matches in Beyond Wrestling. Dijak takes a cheap kick right away and is playing the clear heel. This is a hard hitting affair as you might expect. DIjak focuses more on strikes and power stuff as opposed to his assortment of dives. Riddles plays to his strengths playing an underog. Bro 2 Sleep but Dijak essentially no sells. God’s Last Gift into a bridge with a two count. Nice series of counters. Dijak hits Feast Your Eyes. Riddle puts his foot on the bottom rope. Triangle choke but Dijak breaks out and bucklebombs him. Riddle locks in the Bromission after Dijak misses a moonsault.

This was similar to the other first round matches in that it was short and both guys seemingly were trying to win right from the start. I like that Riddle was able to win because of a mistake and both guys came across relatively even. Not as good as their Beyond main event but still a heck of a match.

Winner (s)/Rating: ***1/4


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