2017 16 Carat Tournament First Round: Ilja Dragunov vs. Robert Dreissker(wXw- 2017 16 Carat Tournament Night One- March 10, 2017)

wxw first rounf.jpg

Dreissker would definitely qualify for the hoss division while Dragunov is fairly tall and angry. Immediate running back elbow and they brawl on the outside. Dive back inside the ring. Suplex attempt countered as Dreissker ends up on top. Dragunov uses the corner to lift Dreissker and hit a back suplex. Dreissker uses a series of power moves  as he finally takes advantage of his size. Dragunov hits a discuss lariat. Dragunov hits a back drop driver in an almost dead lift. That looked impressive. Adam Polak from ringside spits in Dragunov’s face. Where’s the referee on that one? Superplex. Cannonball only gets two. Dragunov hits a blue thunder bomb. Tornado Moscow (spinning leg lariat) gets three. Another compact but effective match.

Winner (s)/Rating: Ilja Dragunov/***


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