2017 16 Carat Tournament First Round: JT Dunn vs. Marius Al-Ani (wXw Tag Team Champion) (wXw- 2017 16 Carat Tournament Night One- March 10, 2017)

dunn al-ani.jpg

I’ve not see anything from Al-Ani but of course know Dunn pretty well. Dunn connects on a rolling elbow right away and gets a nearfall. They wrestle this match with a sense of urgency right from the start. Al-Ani showcases a really nice dropkick and clotheslines. Unfortunately, Al-Ani slips off the middle rope and hurts the momentum of the match a bit and then limps around for the rest of the match. That’s unfortunate because this was going quite well. Al- Ani wins in pretty definitive fashion with a frog splash. Strong win and a solid effort from both guys. This is what some of the tournament matches almost have to be at certain points with guys wrestling a ton over  a three day span.  Al-Ani is definitely someone I;m intrigued to watch going forward.

Winner (s)/Rating: Marius Al-Ani/***


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