2017 16 Carat Tournament First Round: Mike Bailey vs. ACH (wXw- 2017 16 Carat Tournament Night One- March 10, 2017)

bailey achj.jpg

ACH has certainly been looking to present himself in a different way ever since he departed Ring of Honor. Mike Bailey can’t wrestle in the United States because we have the dumbest immigration rules ever (and they’re only getting worse).

Match starts with a dance-off. Goddammit. These two don’t actually wrestle with the same sense of urgency like some of the other wrestlers have previously. Bailey ends the feeling out process with the body kicks. ACH uses the pecker tap to get back into the match. Similar to Evolve and AAW, ACH focuses more on a strike based offense. Bailey hits a straight kick right into the face. Springboard moonsault outside. Series of kicks and standing sliced bread lead into a two count. ACH hits a series of lariats and then rolls up inside out. Nice combination of offense ends with a Buster Driver and a two count. Bailey finally gets the win after hitting his shooting star knees off the middle rope.

This was another fairly intense match that picked up after the dancing ended. Major credit to both guys for constantly elevating their game and introducing new offensive moves into their repertoire. You can really see how ACH is trying move beyond just a flippy guy. Bailey is a guy I don’t get to see often enough, but he’s a tremendous performer with a diverse style.

Winner (s)/Rating: Mike Bailey/***1/4


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