Josh Woods vs. David Starr (ROH- May 28, 2017)

woods starr.jpg

Starr attacked Woods immediately after the 2017 Top Prospect Tournament ended. Woods wins this match in about five minutes because no one in ROH is apparently following what’s actually going on in indie wrestling these days. The Philadelphia crowd loudly cheers for Starr and boos Woods. It’s amazing to watch this. Woods has some potential but calling him THE top prospect is hilarious. ROH was literally chanting and shouting for someone despite him never being on television, and the company turned this into a throwaway television segment. Starr attacked Woods on television weeks ago, yet he was the clear babyface. This company has no fucking idea what they’re doing as far as scouting talent. This was much better than any actual tournament match mostly because Starr is a much better wrestler than any of the other prospects. No idea what this accomplished.

Winner (s)/Rating: Josh Woods/**3/4



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