wXw Shotgun Championship – David Starr vs. Absolute Andy vs. ACH vs. Paul London vs. JT Dunn vs. Robert Dreissker (wXw- 2017 16 Carat Tournament Night Two- March 11, 2017)

shotgun title four way.jpg

Two people who lost in the first round and Absolute Andy are involved in this clusterfuck for the Shotgun Championship. The fact that this isn’t being defended in a New York bar on Saturday with the Sisters of the Poor as possible challengers is a bit disappointing, but I’ll get over it.

I do like the idea of Starr still trying to steal the weekend by defending his championship belt on night two and three. He’s really done a great job bringing importance to what is a secondary title within the promotion. Quite the interesting pairing as you’ve got different styles, eras, and countries represented.  The four wrestlers take turns eating a banana. This is somehow weirder than a dance-off. A couple minutes later, a fan gives ACH some money and he dances. This was certainly a thing.

Andy shows off his power as the match FINALLY gets underway. ACH throws the banana peel into the ring. Of course, he slips. ACH and London have a pretty fun sequence as this devolves into guys taking turns in the ring. Andy goes for a superkick but instead eats a triple superkick on his own. Andy and ACH tease some interaction but they’re eventually left in the ring together. ACH does the pecker tap as London awaits. ACH tries one on London, but the ladder puts his legs together. That was unique. Starr springboard clotheslines London off the apron. Series of dives on each of his opponents. Superkick by Andy into a long two count. Andy hits a super F-5 on London from the top rope. London kicks out. Spinebuster by Andy on ACH. Running dive into the ring. Starr hits a Destroyer for three. Some fun stuff throughout but this never really came together as a match mostly because ACH and London were not taking it seriously and were also a bit sloppy at times.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL wXw Shotgun Champion-David Starr/**1/2



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