2017 16 Carat Tournament Final: Ilja Dragunov vs. WALTER (wXw- 2017 16 Carat Tournament Night Three- March 12, 2017)


After a pretty solid tournament overall, it comes down to these two men. The winner of this becomes the winner of the tournament and gets a shot at the wXw Heavyweight Championship. WALTER goes to the chops early and then applies the choke. German suplex into the butterfly suplex for two.  Dragunov low bridges and hits the Torpedo Moscow. WALTER is sent to the floor. Huge chop and powerbomb into the apron by WALTER. Vicious chips causes Dragunov’s chest to be blood red. Lariat right into a back drop driver. WALTER butterfly suplexes Dragunov off the top rope. Dragunov lifts WALTER into the corner and hits a series of strikes. Sitdown powerbomb. WALTER hits a vicious boot and chokes him out. Slap of the hands. O’Connor roll turned into a choke. Dragunov gets his hand up. Lariat and folding press powerbomb but Dragunov somehow kicks out. This crowd could not be more into this match. An absolute vicious chop exchange. Torpedo Moscow but WALTER kicks out. WALTER kicking out after Dragunov has won the previous three matches makes this all the more an effective false finish. WALTER catches Dragunov into a choke. Emerald Fusion only gets two. Torpedo Moscow hit a second time and Dragunov gets three!

Dragunov was such a great babyface throughout the tournament, but he was particularly great here. It’s amazing when the final match of a tournament can be the best match, but I’d argue this was the case here. This was one of the best booked tournaments I’ve ever seen as the two finalists were perfect and the crowd loved the guy who ultimately won. WALTER has turned into one of the best pros in the world with his ability to play a monster but also be able to make his opponents look great too. This was a tremendous main event. One of the legitimate best matches of the year and a starmaking weekend. Bravo to wXw.

Winner (s)/Rating: 2017 16 Carat Champion- Ilja Dragunov/****1/4


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