2017 16 Carat Tournament Semifinal: WALTER vs. Matt Riddle (wXw- 2017 16 Carat Tournament Night Three- March 12, 2017)

riddle walter.jpg

This should be an awesome match given the quality of performances they’ve delivered this weekend. Riddle tapped out WALTER a week earlier in wXw. This starts out slowly as Riddle tries to grab a hold of the big man. It becomes a battle of kicks versus strikes. Pretty loud noises too. WALTER drops a knee strike across the bare ankle. Now WALTER has a focus, and Riddle does an excellent job selling to the point where the crowd is concerned. Riddle fires back with forearms, and WALTER immediately cuts him off with a choke. No sell of a German suplex. Running knee and fishermen suplex for one. Riddle hits a running knee and the ankle work now means nothing. Swanton. WALTER grabs the ankle lock. Flurry of offense ending with a lariat. Triangle choke. Riddles hits a series of elbows. WALTER powerbombs out of it and then hits a second one for three.

The heat segment on Riddle’s ankle was looking good until Riddle stopped selling it. Riddle breaking out the swanton for no reason seemed particularly silly. I liked some elements of the match but wish Riddle would have been consistent with the ankle.

Winner (s)/Rating: WALTER/***


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