Donovan Dijak & JT Dunn vs. ACH & Mike Bailey (wXw- 2017 16 Carat Tournament Night Three- March 12, 2017)

bailey ach dunn dijak.jpg

Sometimes these random semi main event non-tournament matches can really steal the show.

Dunn and Dijak are team New England and have no tolerance for dancing. As fans throw fake money into the ring, some guy in a suit goes into the ring and grabs it. I’ve never seen him before for the purposes of this blog. Team New England attack as the bell rings. They isolate Bailey after Dijak is briefly double teamed by Bailey and ACH. Finally, Dunn hits Death by Elbow and ACH gets the hot tag. Pecker Tap to Dunn. He goes to work on Dunn after sending Dijak off the apron. ACH gets distracted by the man in the suit. Death By Elbow. Bailey comes back with a low dropkick and the speed kicks. Chokebreaker by Dijak. Spiral Splash and a kick to the head. Dunn makes the save. Dijak superkicks ACH, and Dunn tombstones him. Feast Your Eyes and Death By Elbow. Bailey kicks out? Dijak hits a rolling boot. Another Feast Your Eyes Attempt. Bailey dive to the outside. ACH hits a cutter and Buster Driver. Shooting Star Knees for three. Just as fun as advertised.

Winner (s)/Rating: ACH and Mike Bailey/***1/4


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