Adam Page vs. Adam Cole (Ring of Honor- June 4, 2017)

cole page.jpg

Cole was kicked out of the Bullet Club and is on the way out. Therefore, he gets to do a couple more jobs on the way out. Page is a guy who ROH has worked hard to get over at times but never seems willing to go all the way with him. Even among gaijin, he’s probably the fifth or sixth most important guy in Bullet Club and that’s the problem with a faction as big as this one.

Honestly, this was a technically fine main event, but this wasn’t wrestled with near the intensity of a grudge match like you might think. Cole still goofs around and uses a lot of holds despite the fact he should hate Page for what BC did to him. Page tries a slingshot clothesline but is hit a superkick, German suplex and shining wizard. That was a solid sequence. Cole hits a Destroyer on the outside. Page almost immediately hits the Rite of Passage. Lariat and a second  Rite of Passage fittingly gets Page the win. Right booking call but I just don’t buy Page as a top guy. Glad Cole is moving on.

Winner (s)/Rating: Hangmen Page/***


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