Donovan Dijak vs. Eddie Dennis (RPW Live at the Cockpit 17- June 4, 2017)

donovan dijak eddie dennis.jpg

Dennis coming out to Andrew W.K’s “Party Hard” and having two first names as his wrestling names means he has two strikes against him. I like Andrew W.K. well enough but you can be more creative with your wrestling theme than that. This is called a “Tall Lads” wrestling. Dennis actually breaks out a headscissors and then attempts a dive. Dijak avoids but gets smashed with a forearm. Very slowly paced match. I don’t mind a leisurely paced, but this seemed lethargic for some reason. Dijak works him over and calls for Feast Your Eyes. Dennis comeback. Dijak slips on the ropes. Dennis hits a Splash Mountain into the corner. Chokebreaker and moonsault by Dijak gets two. Now the pace is picking up. Spinning boot in the corner. Feast Your Eyes gets two. They go to the apron for some inexplicable reason. Chokeslam into the apron. Dennis hits a dive. Blah. Dijak breaks out a dive of his own. Dennis chokeslams Dijak back into the ring. Back and forth. Dennis has trouble hitting the Next Stop Driver but he gets it. Two count. Dijak hits Feast Your Eyes and gets three.

Second match I’ve reviewed that felt like it went on forever. That’s not to say there wasn’t some good action and solid sequences, but a couple of the no selling moments combined with some dull moments left me frustrated

Winner (s)/Rating: Donovan Dijak/**


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