El Phantasmo vs. David Starr (RPW Live at the Cockpit 17- June 4, 2017)

phantasmo starr.jpg

Starr has been featured in a number of European promotions, most prominently wXw, and now Starr is trying to become entrenched in RevPro. Phantasmo has a neon jacket. That’s all I got for him. Apparently, he’s a product of the western Canada independent scene. They start slowly and show sportsmanship until Phantasmo goes heel by flipping Starr off. It’s nice to see these guys establish a nice face/heel dynamic and give the crowd a clear person to cheer. Phantasmo shows some nice flashes but also looked lost at other times. Moving to the UK will most certainly help him grow as a performer. Not sure if he’s ready to be a prominent member of this roster yet. Starr was his usual rock solid self. He’s about as a good hand in the ring as anyone. Phantasmo hits a pretty tremendous top rope splash. Starr has a violence party as this match seems to be going a  bit long. Phantasmo hits a long dropkick off the top rope. Butterfly driver gets two. Phantasmo misses a moonsault and is forearmed in the back. Tomorrow Driver into Product Placement for three.

Not a fan of having long openers unless you’re doing a main event type match to begin. This was okay and at times good. The right person won, but I wish they had cut some of the rudderless aspects of the match and create a more compact story.

Winner (s)/Rating: David Starr/**1/2

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