Zack Gibson vs. Angelico (RPW Live at the Cockpit 17- June 4, 2017)


angelico and gibson.jpg

It boggles my mind that promotions continue booking Angelico because outside of Lucha Underground, I’ve not seen him really prove himself to be a good in-ring performer. They’re continuing the build to Gibson battling Will Ospreay. Gibson works over the arm. Angelico gets some of his “unorthodox” offense. The last couple minutes have some nice exchanges, but the result really wasn’t in doubt as Gibson locks in the Shankly Gates for the submission. Angelico couldn’t hit his finished because of the injured arm.  Good to see him pick up a win against a prominent junior as RevPro is doing a solid job building his credibility.

I like what RevPro is doing with Gibson in building him up as an anti-junior, but Angelico is not the type of guy who is going to deliver a good match.

Winner (s)/Rating: Zack Gibson/**1/4


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