2017 SSS Tournament First Round: Jimmy Havoc vs Travis Banks (PROGRESS-2017 Super Strong Style Tournament-May 27, 2017)

banks havoc.jpg

Havoc is a veteran of PROGRESS, including over 600 days as PROGRESS champion, while Banks is rapidly ascending the latter of British wrestling with stellar performances around the world. Havoc would probably be considered one of the favorites to win this whole tournament. Pretty intense feeling out process. Banks bicycle kicks Havoc out of the ring. Havoc dares him to come outside. Banks sends him outside the other way and dives on him. That was awesome. Match stays out for a bit as Banks tosses Havoc into a pile of chairs. Havoc teases using a chair, but the official warns him of a disqualification. So tossing him into chairs is fine but hitting him with one is bad. Banks punches or catches chairs. Things go back inside as Havoc hits a Destroyer. Tons of high impact stuff. Banks survives some of Havoc’s best shots. Banks with a series of stomps and Kiwi Crusher. Banks covers for three!

Not every match should be like this with both guys doing a lot of no selling and just hitting a lot of moves, but this was a nice contrast to the previous two contests. This was in a way a passing of the torch as Banks took a clear step toward becoming a main eventer. Regardless of whether he wins this tournament or not, this was a significant moment and victory. Even if this was third match on the show, this felt as important as anything else that could happen on the show. This was brutal (in a good way). Three for three in quality matches.

Winner (s)/Rating: Travis Banks/***3/4


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