2017 SSS Tournament First Round: Mark Andrews vs Flamita (PROGRESS-2017 Super Strong Style Tournament-May 27, 2017)

flamita mark andrews.jpg

There have been some emotional matches. There have been some physical battles. This is one of the only true pure high flying matches of the whole tournament, and you couldn’t ask for two more spectacular ones than these two.

Token mat wrestling sequence leads to a stalemate. For some reason, the official is asked to do a somersault. Flamita begins flying around and then grabs a chinlock. Well, clearly he’s trying out for WWE with moves like that. Action becomes too hard to call as their moves come fast. The fluidity is something to behold. No sloppiness whatsoever in the earlygoing. Both guys take turns controlling the match, and the best way to describe their offense is dynamic. Double underhook into a backbreaker by Flamita. Andrews hits a moonsault to the outside. Rana off the top but Andrews manages to roll through. Musclebuster turned into a jawbreaker. Pair of unique but Andrews kicks out. Shooting star met with Flamita’s knee. Cutter by Andrews. Spanish Fly gets three.

This was a nice exhibition of moves but couldn’t come close to matching the emotion of some of the previous matches. This was fun to watch on the surface but not much to invest in either.

Winner (s)/Rating: Flamita/***


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