2017 SSS Tournament First Round: Mark Haskins vs Flash Morgan Webster (PROGRESS-2017 Super Strong Style Tournament-May 27, 2017)

haskins webster.jpg


The crowd was 100% behind Cobb, but in this match, the crowd is a bit more split. Webster uses some of his shifty offense early, but Haskins quickly focuses on the left ankle. Webster comes back with a diving clothesline. Exchange of dives. Webster misses a moonsault. Haskins rolls into an armbar. Some nice counters from both men as they wrestle like two competitors who have seen a lot of each other. Haskins eventually rolls into his version of the sharpshooter (he bridges back on the ankle) and gets a tap-out win.

Very unique match. Webster has some interesting offense, and it helps his opponents give them something different to play off. I really enjoyed the dynamic between these two as Haskins got very aggressive and used everything in his arsenal to get the win. I liked how much more aggressive he was. Webster looked good even in a loss.

Winner (s)/Rating: Mark Haskins/***1/2


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