2017 SSS Tournament First Round: Tyler Bate (PROGRESS Tag Team Champion) vs Pastor William Eaver (PROGRESS-2017 Super Strong Style Tournament-May 27, 2017)

bate eaver.jpg

Bate recently lost his WWE UK Championship and is one of the most unpopular men in the company right now. Eaver takes advantage of Bate being distracted by the official.  Bate mocks Eaver’s religious beliefs in an awkward moment. Mock crucifixions in wrestling do not have a positive history. Backbreaker into a fishermen suplex by Eaver. Eaver maintains his advantage until Bate comes back with an uppercut off the middle rope. Bate hits a tiger driver into a folding press for three. That was expedient. Glad Bate won in such dominant fashion after so many competitive back and forth wars.

Winner (s)/Rating: Tyler Bate/**


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