2017 SSS Tournament First Round: Zack Gibson vs Jack Sexsmith (PROGRESS-2017 Super Strong Style Tournament-May 27, 2017)

gibson sexsmith.jpg

Going to be tough for these two to come even close to topping the two previous matches from this tournament. The nice part is the crowd HATES Gibson with a fiery passion and loves Sexsmith. Gibson says Sexsmith doesn’t belong in the same ring as him because of his personality and boots. Sexsmith connects on a dropkick and series of punches before the bell rings. That’s one way of responding. The referee lets Gibson up before ringing the bell.  Gibson hits a rope assisted codebreaker (called the Ticket to Ride). Gibson spends the next few minutes wearing Sexsmith down. Fishermen buster into the corner by Sexsmith. Gibson goes for a second Ticket to Ride but Sexsmith holds on. Swinging DDT. Gibson bends the arm some more and punches him in the face. Sexsmith shows more fire. Ticket to Ride for two. Sexsmith hits a Ticket to Ride and superkick for two. Sexsmith grabs Mr. Cocko, which is a condom…well this took a twist. Crippler cockface (That’s what the announcer called it) but Gibson escapes. Sexsmith comes off with a dive on both Gibson and a crew member. Helter Skelter on the outside. We get a count-out tease. Given the last match ended with a count-out this makes sense. The crowd send Sexsmith back inside. That’s love right there. Shackly Gates turned into a roll-up. Great nearfall there. Small package to counter the Helter Skelter and Sexsmith gets the win. The crowd goes wild and Gibson sells the defeat well.

Sexsmith is a great underdog babyface, but Mr. Cocko needs to go as it comes off really low rent. He sells well and shows so much emotion in his face. This was the perfect match to come after intermission because the crowd felt strongly about both men. This may not have been as technically good as some of the matches, but this absolutely overdelivered and kept the momentum of the show going. I’m happy to be wrong. This was tremendous. If pro wrestling is about emotion and making people invest in a fake sport, then you’d have to say this was as successful a match as any.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jack Sexsmith/***3/4


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