2017 SSS Tournament Quarterfinal: Flamita vs. Travis Banks (PROGRESS-2017 Super Strong Style Tournament-May 28, 2017)

flamita banks.jpg

This is another one of those contrast in styles matches as Banks is known for his high impact striking and kicking while Flamita is a pure high flyer. You could argue these are also two fast rising stars. In this case, you’d have to consider Banks the favorite given he’s much more connected to PROGRESS. They show off their respective athletic abilities early and often. Pretty hard exchange of kicks as this seems to be more of a Banks match. Flamita wrestles a more subdued style this time around. Banks uses a series of kicks to wear Flamita down. Flamita reverses a powerbomb, hits a 619, and then connects on a top rope dropkick. Moonsault to the outside. Banks tope con helos Flamita nearly to the entranceway. What you’ll notice a lot of in this match is a lot of even Stephen exchanges as these guys are portrayed as equal rising stars. Gutbuster out of the musclebuster position gets two. Flamita continually ducks Banks’s springboard kick. Banks turns a Spanish Fly into a roll-up for two. Backbreaker out of the tiger driver. Frog splash connects. 450 misses and Banks immediately grabs the neck and arm. Flamita taps.

What really impresses me about Banks is his ability to have good matches with everyone. His style naturally seems to fit in with any opponent. This was another very good quarterfinal because it was just a wrestling match and there were no cute gimmicks. It didn’t approach Riddle versus Cobb or the very best first round matches. I like that Banks won because of Flamita’s one huge mistake. He still won clean, but both guys came off well even though one man still won clean.

Winner (s)/Rating: Travis Banks/***1/4


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