2017 SSS Tournament Quarterfinal: Mark Haskins vs. Tyler Bate(PROGRESS-2017 Super Strong Style Tournament-May 28, 2017)

bate haskins.jpg

Haskins won an excellent match in round one against Flash Morgan Webster while Bate thoroughly dominated Pastor Eaver. Very slow start. Bate hits a series of uppercuts, and Haskins comes out of the corner with strikes. Fast flurry ends with a pair of attempted dives leading into a huge kick. Bate gets the advantage and works on the injured leg of Haskins. Haskins again uses his sudden assortment kicks before going for an STF like move. Bate grabs the bottom rope. Series of kicks across the chest. One to the head and then an Emerald Frosion like move gets two. Bate hits another uppercut that sends Haskins across to the corner. Vicious rolling kick into a back suplex with a bridge. Tremendous exchange ends with a DVD but Bate kicks out. Superkick leads to another nearfall. Into the armbar. Bate rolls him through and goes round and round. Haskins locks in the sharpshooter, and Pete Dunne pulls the official out. Jimmy Havoc leaves the broadcast position. Trent Seven attacks Haskins. Huge piledriver. Bate covers and gets three.

Bate certainly feels comfortable wrestling at his pace and controlling the crowd, but he almost seemed to be too deliberate at certain points. They were certainly going for a fairly epic feel, and I’d say they were fairly successful until the unnecessary overbooking. Can’t stand watching matches like this where the work completely gets negated by everything that happens in the last minute.

Winner (s)/Rating: Tyler Bate/**3/4 


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