2017 SSS Tournament Quarterfinal: Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Jack Sexsmith (PROGRESS-2017 Super Strong Style Tournament-May 28, 2017)

sabre sexsmith.jpg

Sexsmith comes out in a sling because he hyperextended his elbow. It’s a swerve as he decides to go on with the match anyway. If this is a real injury, then obviously he shouldn’t be in the ring. If not, does Sexsmith really need to be built as even more of an underdog. The crowd clearly wants to like Sexsmith, and by having Sabre go after the injury…I mean he’s known mostly for working his opponents’ arms…it kind of makes him a heel.  Sexsmith pokes Sabre in the eye and goes for a roll-up. Well okay. He continues to use his one arm, and Sabre is reluctant to attack. Sexsmith continually smacking Sabre around. Sabre locks in a half crab. Sexsmith taps.

What made the first round so good was all the good wrestling throughout the card and also the different kinds of quality wrestling. There were a wide range of bouts. This round has been more about gimmicks or protecting people. Did PROGRESS have to go out of its way to protect Sexsmith and Haskins? What a WEIRD start to the quarterfinals.

Winner (s)/Rating: Zack Sabre Jr./*


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