PROGRESS Women’s Championship and Natural Progression Series Final: Jinny vs. Toni Storm vs. Laura Di Matteo (PROGRESS-2017 Super Strong Style Tournament-May 28, 2017)

storm champion.jpg

This has been a months long tournament, but it has come down to these three women. It’s sad that this being the main event is a big deal because women’s championship matches should have a chance to main event shows, but the sad reality is it’s still difficult for women to get these kinds of chances. PROGRESS does deserve credit for making this the main event in a weekend where the emphasis is on their big tournament. Tournament weekends tend to be the biggest for any indie, and this is no exception. All three of these women certainly deserve it. The prematch video package reinforces what a big deal this match is. I only wish this was a straight one-on-one match because triple threats can sometimes be messy.

All three women go for covers. Well, it is about winning a title belt. Crowd seems to be behind Storm the most. Jinny tosses Storm out of the ring, leaving she and Di Matteo to battle one-on-one. Di Matteo controls as they keep up a rather quick pace. Jinny heads out of the ring, so its’s DiMatteo and Storm. This is the exact reason triple threat matches annoy me. At least the sequences don’t last long. All three women take turns controlling the other two. One thing is clear. The crowd hates Jinny. At one point Di Matteo avoids a charging Jinny and literally tosses her about ten rows back. Di Matteo dodges a charging Storm as well. The lesson is DON’T CHARGE BLINDLY AT LAURA DI MATTEO! Di Matteo goes to work on Jinny back in the ring. Storm comes back in and hits a DVD on top of Jinny. Bombs Away leg drop on Di Matteo gets two. Jinny facebusters  Storm. Di Matteo breaks the count. Exchange of forearms. Double kick sends Jinny out of the ring. Now they exchange forearms. Jinny hits a double acid rainmaker. She then goes for the title belt. Storm ducks. Di Matteo doesn’t. Quick piledriver gets two. They head to the entranceway. Storm piledrives Jinny on the stage. Di Matteo hits a tilt a whirl DDT. Back in the ring as Di Matteo DDTs Storm but again only gets two. Into a submission. Storm hits an air raid crash. Storm dives. Jinny hits her with a piece of jewelry, but Storm still kicks out. Acid Rainmaker misses. Storm dodges an Acid Rainmaker. Headbutt into the piledriver. That gets  three. Storm finally gets a victory over Jinny in PROGRESS.

Toni Storm would be by runaway selection for most improved wrestler of the year. She has put in so much work to get better. Wrestling in places like STARDOM certainly helps, but PROGRESS has put a lot of faith in these women as there’s been an entire tournament for them, and this was the main event of night two of SSST17. You can’t argue with Storm as the first champion given how over she is with the crowd and her ever improving skillset.  This was about a good a three way as I think they interacted well and kept the drama high throughout. Great ending as well. They captured that epic main event feel. I talked a lot about Storm, but Di Matteo and Jinny played their roles well too.

Winner (s)/Rating: NPS and NEW PROGRESS Women’s Champion-Toni Storm/****


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