ROH World Television Championship: Marty Scurll (champion) vs. KUSHIDA (ROH- June 11, 2017)

scurll kushida.jpg

How do you have a match like this and give it less than 10 minutes. Just cut the pointless tag and get right to this match. This isn’t even a sprint as they start out with a feeling out process. This match is pretty casual as neither guy is really performing with a sense of urgency. They basically go to the finishing sequence quickly as KUSHIDA applies the Hoverboard Lock out of nowhere and nearly gets a submission. KUSHIDA no sells having his fingers cracked and punches Scurll right in the face. Scurll hypes the crowd for his chickenwing…and the lights go out. Adam Cole is on the apron in Scurll’s villain gear. KUSHIDA hits a DDT and hits a God’s Last Gift for three.

This was wrestled like a television match instead of a main event level contest. I hope there’s a rematch in ROH soon because this felt like a paled version of what these two can do in the ring. KUSHIDA is as good choice as any for the TV title because he actually tries when he’s in Ring of Honor and is probably one of the more over guys. I do need to point out the hilarity of yet another NJPW wrestler holding an ROH singles title. I get that War Machine held the IWGP tag titles, but wake me up when an ROH wrestlers beats either Tanahashi or Okada for their respective singles titles.

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW ROH World Television Champion-KUSHIDA/**1/2


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