The Rebellion (Rhett Titus and Shane Taylor) vs. Jay White and Jonathan Gresham(ROH- June 11, 2017)

search and destroy vs. the rebellion.jpg


The Rebellion has channel changing levels of heat at this point because it’s not clear what their purpose is and these guys have jobbed out so much, their presence seems almost pointless. Putting them with Gresham and White would almost seem to drag the latter team down instead of elevating them. Gresham and White should be emphasized. ROH needs to strongly push new guys (as they did in the opener) and get away from pointless/heatless matches like this. Also, ROH aired a personality profile on Jay White before the match. HOW ARE THEY NOT DOING THIS MORE?

Match starts as a brawl. Taylor wears Gresham down back in the ring. Some miscommunication leads to a White hot tag. Combination of double team moves on Titus. White eventually bodyslams Taylor. Double senton gets two. Caprice Coleman interferes by crotching White on the top rope. Kenny King comes in the ring, and Alex Shelley also comes in. Chris Sabin makes it 4 on 3. MCMG double team Shelley. HOW HAS THIS MATCH NOT BEEN THROWN OUT?!?!?!?! White dives on some folks, and then the bell rings. Holy shit what a pointless segment.

Winner (s)/Rating: No-contest/*

Alex Shelley says no one wants to destroy the Rebellion. At Best in the World, it’ll be an eight man tag with the losing faction splitting. These factions have existed for about five minutes. Who could possibly care about this stipulation?

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